Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exercise the most comfortable way!

The most comfortable type of bike is the recumbent exercise bike, where the user sits in a semi-reclining position. Rather than having the routine small saddles as on upright bikes, recumbent bikes have larger seats which are more like chairs, with sufficient cushioning and terrific back support.  This seated riding position is far more comfortable, considerably reduces strain on the back and exerts far less pressure on joints.  Recumbent bikes are so comfortable because the larger seat and the riding position combine to provide a much better weight distribution for the operator – it is this which helps to reduce the lower back stress that an upright workout bike can produce. Given that this bike is fixed, any operator can quickly carry out a lower position ride!

Calorie burn is less extreme than it is with upright bikes, however the very best recumbent bikes can still be outstanding tools for weight reduction. They are very good for helping with rehabilitation, muscle toning and cardiovascular exercises.

Recumbent bikes specifically assist individuals who have restricted movement or neck and back pain– however these comfy exercisers are likewise popular with individuals in good health as well. Their style avoids the discomfort in the back that some individuals experience with upright bikes. Plus, utilizing a recumbent stationary bicycle is less likely to bring muscle pain the next morning.  Research studies show that recumbent workout bike users are not just able to work out for longer durations of time, they are likewise much less likely to feel any ill effects from the exercise. This is partially because a recumbent workout bike is able to put the rider in a lean-back recline position, thus riders put in less downward pressure than they would if seated upright. Another benefit that these type of exercise bikes have over their rivals is the aerodynamics of the structure. Due to the reclined legs-forward positioning, the operator has better aerodynamic positioning.   It goes without saying then that recumbent workout bikes have very clear benefits.

The bulk of recumbent workout bikes are geared up to conveniently accommodate a broad range of rider’s weights and heights.  Those riders who are much shorter than average can generally run most recumbent workout bikes with ease, however they may prefer to try a bike with a smaller sized front wheel, as this may provide much better vision during use.

A longer wheelbase is suggested if the operator of the recumbent workout bike is obese. The rider of typical weight and height rider will gain from a short-wheel based stationary bicycle due to its sportier feel.  However, as discussed above, most recumbent stationary bicycles can be adapted to fit practically any operator’s individual choice.

Recumbent workout bikes are created to offer their users outstanding convenience at all times. Greater efficiency bikes typically are more comfortable than a lower end design due to the high quality of the product, however in reality it should be kept in mind that even a basic recumbent workout bike is more comfortable for the user than a basic upright workout bike.