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Healthy and balanced living with Stationary Exercise Bikes.

Riding a bike on the roads or running are great for improving all aspects of health and wellness, however they can potentially harm the back or joints, which is why a stationary bike is a popular alternative.  Indeed, one of the many advantages of an exercise bike is that it is particularly suitable for individuals who have back disorders or joint problems.  Some of the people who could ideally benefit from a stationary recumbent bicycle are sufferers of Spine Stenosis as well as those with Osteoarthritis.

When doing the exercise for the very first time, a wellness professional should be consulted in order to ensure a suitable, safe program is planned for the individual. Understanding the person’s optimal heart rate and baseline fitness is crucial in figuring out the program as well as to prevent injuries, and a safe and sensible exercise regime would always recommend that a person should start gradually, particularly for those unused to working out.  Normally, these type of programs need to be done 3 times a week for at the very least 20 minutes each. Among the main goals right here is to raise the patient’s heart rate from 60 to 85% of the individual’s optimal heart rate, and the health expert will be able to advise on the appropriate intensity needed in order to achieve this.  In addition, they have the necessary training to identify prospective difficulties that could cause more problems, which an untrained person could not.

One reason for the popularity of stationary exercise bikes is that they recruit nearly all the back as well as leg muscle mass of the user while riding.  With regular use they can strengthen back muscular tissue groups, the calf and lower leg, the quadriceps and hamstrings at the front and back of the thigh and also the abdominal muscles.  An exercise bike can also enhance the flexibility of muscles as well as tendons. It can likewise assist to a large degree the range of movement of the muscles and can help in reducing tension in the muscle mass. In addition to benefiting muscles, consistent use can stimulate circulation and greatly benefit cardio health.

The flexibility of the stationary bicycle means that it can be adapted to suit the various needs of the exerciser. Resistance on the exercise bike can be adjusted to suit a person’s requirements for a cardiovascular workout from the gentle to the rigorous.  Some users may prefer to exercise at a constant resistance level whilst varying their speed, but others may wish to make use of the ability to vary the resistance during their workout, thus simulating a ride on undulating roads. It is also possible to match the needs of the exerciser in terms of riding position for those who require an upright or more forward-leaning position, or a recumbent exercise position

For those who prefer the convenience of having a workout at home instead of going on a regular basis to the gym (saving time and money), a stationary bicycle is a convenient machine, as it needs very little room. It is even possible to purchase a folding exercise bike that can quickly and easily be moved when not in use, especially important when space is at a premium, and hidden away in a closet or even under the bed until it is needed again.

A stationary bicycle can be as low-cost as a just under a hundred pounds or up to a couple of thousand depending on the functions and range of features that it offers.  For those who already own a bicycle but want to give themselves more options, a trainer can be purchased to enable their bicycle to be used as a stationary bike.  It is very simple to mount the bicycle on the trainer, raising the back wheel, which allows the user to exercise whilst the bike remains static.