Folding Exercise Bikes

Stationary Folding Exercise BikeStationary folding bikes for the home fitness center
Not everyone is able to simply hop on their bike and take to the road for a few hours to have a tough workout, perhaps due to their location or the weather ……. and that may not be a bad thing. As our roads have become busier and more congested, riding a bike is not as safe as perhaps it was some years ago. Another consideration of course is that heavy traffic means that air quality may be very poor, and consequently the cyclist inevitably inhales a range of potentially harmful pollutants.

You do not have to be a biking lover to make the most of the psychological and physical advantages of a stationary bicycle, and although utilizing a stationary bicycle isn’t really like going out on the open roadway, it can and does have lots of clear advantages. Folding stationary bicycles are an excellent choice for your home fitness center as they are great space savers, which is ideal for those who do not have a large floor area to devote to fitness equipment or for those who merely wish to keep the bike in other places when not in use.

The best ways to purchase the perfect folding stationary bicycle for you.

There many folding stationary bicycles available in the marketplace today, which can be rather confusing and we may not know where to begin looking to find the information we need in order to compare the features of all the different models we see. All of us wish to purchase a stationary bicycle that will work well for us, with all the functions we need to improve our fitness and at the same time to be a pleasure to use. In order to make your search a little simpler, I have actually assembled a list of exactly what you have to watch out for and think about so that you can be confident you have chosen the perfect folding stationary exercise bike for your needs:

Kind of  exercise bike

There are 2 kinds of folding stationary bicycle on the marketplace, and picking the ideal one will depend upon precisely what you’re searching for. Let’s take a look at those 2 types today:

Upright bike

An upright stationary bicycle is essentially like any normal bicycle. An upright bike can put a little bit of pressure on your legs, knees and feet, however if that’s not a concern for you, you should find it relatively easy to select a suitable model for you from the wide range available.


Recumbent Bike

This kind of stationary bicycle has actually been around for a while; however, it has only really started to gain in popularity in the last few years.

Recumbent bikes have a very different riding position, which because of the manner in which it’s made, takes the pressure off the rider’s knees and ankles, and in this regard it’s much easier for senior citizens, the overweight or anyone with joint problems to utilize. The riding position generally allows the legs to extend forwards and the seat of a recumbent bike is more like a routine chair than a bicycle saddle, making it much more comfortable to use.

Think about the weight limitation

When acquiring a workout bike, the weight limitation might not instantly be something you look out for as the main consideration may be to choose a very lightweight bike for ease of folding and carrying. The difficulty is that some individuals have actually made the error of acquiring a stationary bicycle that does not hold their weight. It is possible to utilize the bike if you’re over the suggested weight limitation, but this could result in damage to the bike if it is not designed to support the additional weight. Attempt to prevent this by making sure the bike is suitable to hold your weight.

Levels of resistance

Each and every single stationary bicycle will include various levels of resistance. The resistance levels exist to guarantee you can vary the intensity of the workout to suit your fitness level. Some stationary bicycle users do not consider the range of resistance a bike provides, as they are only trying to find a cardio exercise. However, gradually building up to higher resistance levels will not only allow you to improve your physical fitness level but also allow your leg muscles to become more powerful.

A compact folding bike

A folding bike can be perfect if you do not have much space, or you merely wish to put the bike away when you’re finished with it. If you have very little space available, then shop for a compact folding bike that will fold down to a very small size, allowing you to store it easily. A compact folding bike is generally the very best method to maximize some space, while still allowing you to take advantage of all that a stationary exercise bike can offer.

The cost

Last, however by no means least, is the cost of the stationary bicycle. Stationary bicycles can begin at a couple of hundred dollars, and wind up being almost a thousand, if not more. You might of course decide a substantial investment is well worth it for a bike packed with features.

You ought to know that the costlier the stationary bicycle is, often the more functions it will have. Consider very carefully how you may wish to use the bike and what features you need. A basic model may be perfectly adequate for occasional use but if you intend to use the exercise bike regularly and are serious about improving your fitness or losing weight, then it may well be worth paying more for a bike that has, for example, a range of pre-programmed workouts or other more advanced features such as the ability to measure your pulse rate or to calculate the calories burned during your workout.

So, before you give up your hard-earned money you would be well advised to take all of these factors into consideration. If you take the time to work out exactly what your needs are and to understand the pros and cons of the different types of folding stationary bike, then you will certainly wind up with an excellent machine that is perfect for you – and that means you will be able to take pleasure getting into shape!